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Yes, I finished Janneke’s shawl.

Shopping, I saw these wonderful colours! I added the package of 4 balls to my shopping trolley. But then I thought of my stash. No, no, no… you are not going to buy it. I laid them back.
I decided: next time when they are still there, then you have to take them with you. It will be a sign and it has to be.
However, approaching  the pay desk I thought, but I can use it for weaving too. I ran back…….

Coming home with my treasure my youngest daughter was so enthusiastic, that I couldn’t resist.
I am knitting for her, because she is addicted to shawls.

Next time shopping  I selected another 4 of these balls and 2 packages with other colours for my daughter.
She will drown in her shawls 🙂

Puh…finally on my way with the right pattern for my own spun yarn. A blend of Alpaca and Jacob Humbug.
All seems to go well now and in time it will be a finished sweater.
Here you can find the pattern I use….garnstudio


Years ago I knitted this sweater for my husband.
Now it doesn’t fit as it should! It is too wide and it is slightly felted.
So work to be done….

Jacob Humbug and Alpaca
Jacob and Alpaca singles were plyed

Busy knitting.
I use the false fishermans rib.

I made Saint Nicolas and his friends years ago for my children.
Without knowing, the horse became my first sock, the pattern seems almost the same  🙂

This cardigan was a joy to knit. I am very happy with the result. I lengthened the sleeves so I can hide my hands when they are cold. The yarn adds 90% alpaca, warm and soft.
The colour ‘petrol’ wasn’t easy to catch with the camera, but it shows allright.

tadah... ready to wear

Here they are.  I knitted them simultaneously on 2 circular needles.
First the width wasn’t good. Then they were to small. Now I am wearing them and they fit perfect.
It took some time  😉

two friends
2 friends


It was great fun knitting these 2  little fellows.
Their names ??? Simon and Lucas.
Please  take a look at the  website  from the designer and enjoy.

This third week I started to spin again, but Tuesday was my last day. My four year old friend came to stay with us and I knew my time would be scarce. So I left  the team.
Nevertheless I did some Navajo plying and knitted a small sample









While dyeing, I was very busy taking care of the layer underneath.
Many times I peeped at the back side if I didn’t add to much  dye liquid and dried off  if necesarry.
Finally I carefully turned the blank and adjusted the places were extra dye was needed.
Hoping it was not to wet, I put the rolled up plastic on a tray above the water in my dye pot and turned on the gas cooker.

The time I had to wait until the steam had done it’s work and  the wool package was cold again, seemed days….To my surprise there was not much dye in the water, when I washed and rinsed the blank.


Visiting the stands on the Farm and Country Fair I bought a sock blank. I couldn’t resist.
Next step is dyeing and knitting.


This yarn (?) was new to me. The stitches are loops.
I put 8 loops on needle size 7 and started to  knitt.
The result is a curved shape. The yarn has little silver dots too, it is really twinkling.
It was finished in one evening, way to quick.