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Weaving this linen scarf  was a nice try out. Then I did some shibori dyeing.
To be honest I didn’t like the result at all. What a waste, I thought.
However, I did some ironing. Maybe it changed for the better, but it didn’t. The only part I did like were the fringes!
Then I draped it around my neck, looked in the mirror and to my surprise it didn’t look too bad.
Now I wear it. Nice on my bluish clothes, not nice  in the drawer.

Attending  a workshop about colours, given by Marian Stubenitsky, we had to weave our samples.
Using Fiberworks to design the pattern, I was surprised by this one.
It shows a 3D effect ……
To be honest, it made my day!



At ‘the Dutch Annual Spinning Day’ I bought space dyed soybean tops.

At the start, spinning was a little slippery, but I managed after a while.
It was  plyed with a silk thread.


I joined  a workshop  ‘double weave’  through the internet, given by Paul O’Connor.
However I miscalculated my warp and made this scarf of the leftover.
The warp colours were purple and green.
The weft colours and the length of the blocks were variated.
The strands were given an extra thread, using the same colour rhythm as the weft.