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I joined the Tour de Fleece spin-along on Ravelry today….27 june.
When the real  ‘Tour the France’ starts, we are solidary…….
First I will go on spinning my blend of alpaca / hampshire down.
The hampshire down is ‘sun’  dyed with crushed,  green walnuts.

Slowly progressing with threading my table loom.
I want to brighten up the sofa with 2 extra cushions….

Spinning and knitting at the Farm and Country Fair and intending to buy nothing at all…
unfortunately my husband insisted on giving me …… a  huuuuuuge present 🙂
Enough for a cardigan…1 kilo……..

Visiting the stands on the Farm and Country Fair I bought a sock blank. I couldn’t resist.
Next step is dyeing and knitting.


Walking the dog I noticed men were busy making a moveable fence. The next day there they were, sheep grazing the pasture.
It was the first time this was done  here.  Hopefully the experiment is satisfying  and will be repeated every year. So nice!
Here they are……………..

Linda Wilson was our tutor in this ‘Blending Drafts’ workshop.
Two threading drafts were combined into one threading draft.
Eight shafts were needed and I wove it on  my new ‘used’ table loom.

I chose to weave  the combination  – Monk’s Belt / Point Twill –

( cotton, 8 threads per cm. )

This yarn (?) was new to me. The stitches are loops.
I put 8 loops on needle size 7 and started to  knitt.
The result is a curved shape. The yarn has little silver dots too, it is really twinkling.
It was finished in one evening, way to quick.


November 2007 Stacey Harvey Brown gave an ‘Advancing Twills’ workshop.
Just a few days ago (and I should be ashamed)  I finished  the cushions which I intended to sew of the woven cloth. Each side has a different pattern.
I used my countermarch floor loom and all 10 shafts.
Designing took a lot of time, but is was fun doing.

For a closer look, click on the photos……