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Yes, I really won this beautiful blend. It was given by  ‘het wolbeest’  The photo shows blue and green, but it is turquoise and green, my favorite colours.
The blend of  turquoise is Swifter/Merino/Camel / silk and angelina. The green  is ‘Fries-melkschaap’ / Merino, mohair, Camel and soy-silk.
Now I have to decide: spinning or felting?
Not easy…but the blend is so beautiful, I think, in the end,  I will choose for spinning.
The only thing I did was RT a tweet, can you imagine!?
It feels so soft…gorgeous. Thanks Alexandra.

Shopping, I saw these wonderful colours! I added the package of 4 balls to my shopping trolley. But then I thought of my stash. No, no, no… you are not going to buy it. I laid them back.
I decided: next time when they are still there, then you have to take them with you. It will be a sign and it has to be.
However, approaching  the pay desk I thought, but I can use it for weaving too. I ran back…….

Coming home with my treasure my youngest daughter was so enthusiastic, that I couldn’t resist.
I am knitting for her, because she is addicted to shawls.

Next time shopping  I selected another 4 of these balls and 2 packages with other colours for my daughter.
She will drown in her shawls 🙂

I have been very busy designing, winding  the warp and  dressing my loom.
The warp colours are: yellow, red, purple and green, 100 % mercerised cotton.

The weft is ‘lavender’, two threads together (40/2) 60 % cotton, 40 % wool

I am content with my treadling.
This is not a sample, but will end in a shawl. Still a fortnight before next class.

No words are needed…..

Puh…finally on my way with the right pattern for my own spun yarn. A blend of Alpaca and Jacob Humbug.
All seems to go well now and in time it will be a finished sweater.
Here you can find the pattern I use….garnstudio


Years ago I knitted this sweater for my husband.
Now it doesn’t fit as it should! It is too wide and it is slightly felted.
So work to be done….