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Sometimes one needs a challenge. Below is mine…. toe socks.
Casting-off made me fight with the needles 😉
At the end I used a circular needle, what a relieve….no needle falling out that one stitch!

Putting them on…well you have to get used to it. Sometimes I can’t find all toes  😉

The new colours of the Dutch spinning group….
Every visitor of the annual spinning day was surprised with these tops…

The  weight of the carded nests is 54 gr.
I like the colour variation very much…next…spinning.

It was easy spinning from the carded nests  ( present Annual Spinning Day 2010 )
As always I spun rather thin.
I will make a 2 ply yarn, but can’t decide about the second colour. Think….think….think….

I wanted ‘Marrocan mint’ on the table. It smells  nice and I love the little flowers.
However, the  only vase I had, was an empty peanut butter pot!  What should I do…
I gave it a coat. The pattern is from spiral socks….

Well, he is not yet finished, but I had to show him….
The head needs some more stuffing, the eyes are not yet attached and
I need textile  for his pants….

In the year 2010 all visitors of ‘The Annual Spinning day’ in Elspeet,  got a fiber present.
mixed English breed / black viscose / fake cashmere / Trilobal Nylon…rainbow dyed
I blended all four fibers and here they are…..It is time I start spinning.

The total weight of these nests is 68 grams…