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Well I did it. I prepared the dye pot for the third time.
I calculated the amount of water, salt, dye and soda for 20 gram viscose.
The colour is  ‘bright red’. It stayed in the dye for about 14 hours.
The last minutes in the dye bath.
As you can see the water shows a purple-blue colour…no red anymore.

Floating in the water!

Again we received a package on the annual spinning day….
….including: Brazillian wool-tussah silk-viscose and 2 grams of acid dye. I was anxious to start, because of the dye  ’emerald green’.
I prepared the dye pot! The wool and silk went fine,  but the viscose ……That ought not to be a surprise, because it was a plant fiber.
I tried it again.This time I used soda ash to fix the dye,  instead of vinegar!
It looked very promising, but when rinsing, the dye disappeared into the sink.

Next step….using Procion MX. It is a dye for plant fibers (viscose, cotton, hemp etc.)
I want to succeed!

IT IS MINE and I am happy! I bought it from Alexandra she is a great felter….
…..and NO it is NOT for sale 🙂
Japie our cat came home and immediately wanted to take a nap on it 😉

It wasn’t a huge job….
Talking and knitting it was soon finished…..the yarn wasn’t even half way!
Because I’m not sleeping very well when I’m not in my own bed, I started a second one during the night.
It is twice the length and no yarn is left! I forgot to make a picture, sorry!

My spinning of the package….Annual Spinning Day 2011
Today the yarn is going with me to Elspeet for the Annual Spinning Day 2012!
I choose to knit the yarn….in the end a huge blanket will be the result
of our shared croched or knitting….

This I’ll take with me for one and a half day spinning……

The total weight of this amount is approximately 350 grams.
The blue nest is: swifter / merino / camel / silk / angelina
The green nest is:  Fries melkschaap / merino / mohair / soy-silk
The white ones: Blue Faced Leicester / baby Camel-tussah silk
The grey is baby Alpaca roving.
It should be enough 😉

I wanted to knit ‘something’ for Lucas and Simon.
Lucas his favorite colour is green… so he told.
Well we did find some nice yarn for him. Cinque from Lana Grossa

The pattern is a design  from ‘Katia’ and I use needles number 6.
Lucas is 3 years old and a slender boy. This width will do.
For Simon we didn’t succeed yet. Next week we will visit another shop and hopefully we will find his favorite colour there. Fingers Crossed!

Knitting was a joy. No thinking was needed…just knit….
Winter may come now!