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Made from old jeans.

My sewing machine was defective and by ‘Marktplaats’ (a sort of Dutch ebay) we found a secondhand Bernina.
When my husband went to fetch it, it was a machine with an embroidery module.
The flowery design makes it special.

I frequently take a look at the website of Ineke Elsinga. Visiting I noticed a pattern called ”walking waffle’ (literally translated from Dutch language’).  Wow this…I wanted to have. I like optic illusions in weaving. Buying the pattern was easy done.
The warp is as straight as it always is (we can’t change that :-)), but every weft changes 70 times and then you start with the first weft again. The waffle really walks 🙂
When I took it of my loom and washed the cloth, I was so happy. It was beautiful.

wandelende wafelI almost regretted it was woven for lining a bag from the grocery store.
Then I had to use my pair of scissors 🙁  I warn you!!! Sewing was a hell of a job!!

image1AH tas


I’m sorry I neglected my website for so long. The photo below explains it all.
We were so busy taking care of mother Sophy and her pups. When you click on her photo it will guide you to their website.

Sophy en pupsWe kept one pup. Her name is Jytka.
Jytka en Sophy
and then life took over….. but I won’t bother you with that!
I am back again…..

My daughter got a present from a friend. It was an owl to crochet.
Amigurumi this technique is called as I am well informed???
Well she never did crochet and together they tried…and tried…looked on youtube for the stitches and came to the conclusion, that they would never succeed and above all, they didn’t like to crochet.
And here I came in.
I can crochet and like to do it, all though I have to confess, I am not a great fan of Amigurumi.
uiltjeIt is nice isn’t it!?

……and a happy and healthy 2016
keep on spinning and knitting and weaving and crochet and so on, and so on!!!

IT IS MINE and I am happy! I bought it from Alexandra she is a great felter….
…..and NO it is NOT for sale 🙂
Japie our cat came home and immediately wanted to take a nap on it 😉

He finally decided  what  he wanted to fight with…..bow and arrow…..

I made this Troll during a workshop given by Alexandra
It was a very busy day, because it was hard work to finish ‘him’ in time,
but we succeeded and………..we had so much fun!!!!
Now it is time he earns his living.

Yes, I really won this beautiful blend. It was given by  ‘het wolbeest’  The photo shows blue and green, but it is turquoise and green, my favorite colours.
The blend of  turquoise is Swifter/Merino/Camel / silk and angelina. The green  is ‘Fries-melkschaap’ / Merino, mohair, Camel and soy-silk.
Now I have to decide: spinning or felting?
Not easy…but the blend is so beautiful, I think, in the end,  I will choose for spinning.
The only thing I did was RT a tweet, can you imagine!?
It feels so soft…gorgeous. Thanks Alexandra.

Walking the dog I noticed men were busy making a moveable fence. The next day there they were, sheep grazing the pasture.
It was the first time this was done  here.  Hopefully the experiment is satisfying  and will be repeated every year. So nice!
Here they are……………..