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The pattern of this ‘Mandala’ is a table cover.
I found it in an old crochet magazine that belonged to my mother in law.
The pattern was easy to follow, but when finished it was a hell of a job to attach it to the ring.
When finished I gave a sigh of relieve and decided to never crochet it again….however….it hangs very nice in front of the window, so it was worth making, but a second one…..I don’t think so.


I intended to make a Tyrannosaurus Rex …..Etsy was helpful again.
There was ample assortment and this one was a bit creepy and ‘flexible’.
Electric wire was needed and it was put in the head in the body in the legs and the tail.
Very, very ingenious how that was done.
It was a hell of a job, but taking my time it was good to accomplish.
The end result is very rewarding. I can put him in every position I want.

Yes, I know! Once I told, I was not a great fan of Amigurumi.
However my grandson said ‘Kaak’ every time he saw a picture of a frog….and then I got the idea of making one.
I searched on Etsy and there was a lot to choose.


And to my surprise it was so nice to see him grow from a thin thread into a frog.
Fingers and toes were not easy to crochet, but the pattern was well written.
And there he sits…ready to move.

I discovered a very nice pattern to crochet a pouch!
Wearing one every day I like to choose one that looks nice to my daily outfit.
I selected two colour combinations.

rood heuptasje

paars heuptasje

They are both lined and I added an extra compartment, closed by a zipper.

I bought this yarn in a charity shop.  It felt like cotton! The sweater is knitted top down.
That suits me the best. The quantity of the yarn will always do, because I can adjust the length.

truiThe collar was annoying. Every time I didn’t like it or it didn’t feel right.
Three times I changed it and finally I was content.

roosI did crochet a flower to brighten it up.

picotand made a special edge.

draadThe yarn looked like a band.

detailbut it is a net and the core is cotton (?) I really don’t know.
But cute it is!

Look at this beautiful yarn….it was a present….

1 ply

op de grond

driehoeksjaalWhat more is there to say…..

My daughter got a present from a friend. It was an owl to crochet.
Amigurumi this technique is called as I am well informed???
Well she never did crochet and together they tried…and tried…looked on youtube for the stitches and came to the conclusion, that they would never succeed and above all, they didn’t like to crochet.
And here I came in.
I can crochet and like to do it, all though I have to confess, I am not a great fan of Amigurumi.
uiltjeIt is nice isn’t it!?

It was a new holiday project. Easy to take with me and a lot of flowers to crochet in four weeks time.
Another great poney thanks to Heidi Bears.

Just as the first Fatty (I made for my daugher Janneke) we straightened the legs and neck
with thin sticks from the barbecue 🙂
No children are going to play with the little horse, so no danger included.
The yarn is 100 % acrylic and the colours are wonderfull.

……the Brave African Flower Pony
Crochet Pattern by:
Heidi Bears

My daughter was linked to this pattern on a horse forum.
( )
Being a member of Ravelry, it was easy to find.

It is an amazing pattern and very nice to crochet.
Fatty has already found a place in Janneke’s home.