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It took some time…
I already wore them, nice and warm!

These socks were baptized by Alexandra with the name…’Halloween’ socks 😉
It is so surprising, knitting with the yarn of a dyed sockblank.
Thanks for the idea of the black band at one side of the sockblank Meta… looks great!

I knitted my own sockblank. I used needle nr. 6, 2 threads and 40 stitches.
A friend and member of my knitting and spinning group adviced me to dye this sockblank with a black band at one side…..
After washing the blank was undone again…..

…..and now I am busy knitting two identical socks, with my own dyed colour pattern.
My friend was right, the repetition of the colour black gives a very nice effect.

Another pair on the needles….

My new socks. Nothing special! Just nice colours for warm feet.

Well it took some time but here it is……the winter outfit for little Monkie !
It was knitted with sock yarn.
The coat was white, but after finishing, dyed under supervision of Lucas
(with the voice of ‘MonTie’  :-))

The hood is knitted as the heel of a sock and it fits perfectly.
Socks and mittens  are knitted as hands and feet of the original ‘Jacob’ pattern,
but 1 needle size bigger.

It took some time, but here is Simon’s cardigan. First it was too small….
I undid and started again!
The hood is closed with a kitchener stitch. That looks so much better
It is always hard to catch the right colour on the photo, but the close-up below shows it very good!

After we gave the book ‘Monkie’ to Lucas, I knew I wanted to knit a little one for him.
He loves cuddly toys very much.
I knitted, I sewed and made the bed from a shoe box to stand next to his bed, when he goes to sleep.











 Forever friends…..

Several minutes ago I finished Lucas his cardigan. The buttons are made from timber.
Need I say more…..









It took some time to find a nice blue coloured yarn  for Simon, but here it is.
It feels very soft. Now it is time to make a cardigan from the different parts 🙂 Next,  into the water and the ‘finished touch’ will be the buttons. Two-three days at the most and this one is finished too.



It wasn’t a huge job….
Talking and knitting it was soon finished…..the yarn wasn’t even half way!
Because I’m not sleeping very well when I’m not in my own bed, I started a second one during the night.
It is twice the length and no yarn is left! I forgot to make a picture, sorry!

My spinning of the package….Annual Spinning Day 2011
Today the yarn is going with me to Elspeet for the Annual Spinning Day 2012!
I choose to knit the yarn….in the end a huge blanket will be the result
of our shared croched or knitting….

I wanted to knit ‘something’ for Lucas and Simon.
Lucas his favorite colour is green… so he told.
Well we did find some nice yarn for him. Cinque from Lana Grossa

The pattern is a design  from ‘Katia’ and I use needles number 6.
Lucas is 3 years old and a slender boy. This width will do.
For Simon we didn’t succeed yet. Next week we will visit another shop and hopefully we will find his favorite colour there. Fingers Crossed!

Knitting was a joy. No thinking was needed…just knit….
Winter may come now!

I sewed  nice pants for my ‘holiday project’….. Monkie.
The pattern was the same as the first two cuddle apes I knitted,
only this time I used a different yarn.
Please take a look at the designer’s website,  Annita Wilschut

Using this hairy yarn was a real challenge. When I lost a stitch I hardly could find it.
Picking up the stitches to knit the ears???…. well I don’t know how,  but I managed!

My daughter immediately recognized the favorite book of her youth  and wanted him!
I made Monkie for her birthday.

Today he left my house. His place on my loom is empty….. 🙁

Sometimes one needs a challenge. Below is mine…. toe socks.
Casting-off made me fight with the needles 😉
At the end I used a circular needle, what a relieve….no needle falling out that one stitch!

Putting them on…well you have to get used to it. Sometimes I can’t find all toes  😉

I wanted ‘Marrocan mint’ on the table. It smells  nice and I love the little flowers.
However, the  only vase I had, was an empty peanut butter pot!  What should I do…
I gave it a coat. The pattern is from spiral socks….

Well, he is not yet finished, but I had to show him….
The head needs some more stuffing, the eyes are not yet attached and
I need textile  for his pants….

I finished number two……

I started to knit a bolero from the dyed leftover Jacob Humbug / Alpaca yarn.
The pattern is from ‘Drops Design’  Fingers crossed!