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Before washing my shawl, I have to make the fringes.
In every bundle I add one thread of the weft yarn.
A lot of work, but I still have a fortnight to finish. It’s enough time.

I have been very busy designing, winding  the warp and  dressing my loom.
The warp colours are: yellow, red, purple and green, 100 % mercerised cotton.

The weft is ‘lavender’, two threads together (40/2) 60 % cotton, 40 % wool

I am content with my treadling.
This is not a sample, but will end in a shawl. Still a fortnight before next class.

No words are needed…..

This morning I went to my workshop tutor Marian Stubenitsky.
She taught me how to use the warping paddle.
What a nice instrument. I needed 4 colours for my first ‘iridescent colours’ design. It went perfect.
To be honest there are a few mistakes, but I don’t mind. After all, it was the first time.

two columns or pillars, but the sample lies flat.
Staring at the picture a bit longer, I noticed the floats
seem to be at the bottom of the small quadrangles and rectangles….

This shawl is very warm and nice to wear.
If you want to see how it was made, please click  this page.

This time 2 colours!
The weft has very long floats and it wasn’t easy weaving.
This sample is really flat, but the hues and pattern are deceiving your eyes.
It seams to puff up!

I am attending a workshop called: ‘Optical Illusions’ given by Marian Stubenitsky
Do you see the 3D effect too? Click on photo to enlarge…it is so amazing.
Looking forward to next saturday for the second lesson.

Slowly progressing with threading my table loom.
I want to brighten up the sofa with 2 extra cushions….

Linda Wilson was our tutor in this ‘Blending Drafts’ workshop.
Two threading drafts were combined into one threading draft.
Eight shafts were needed and I wove it on  my new ‘used’ table loom.

I chose to weave  the combination  – Monk’s Belt / Point Twill –

( cotton, 8 threads per cm. )

November 2007 Stacey Harvey Brown gave an ‘Advancing Twills’ workshop.
Just a few days ago (and I should be ashamed)  I finished  the cushions which I intended to sew of the woven cloth. Each side has a different pattern.
I used my countermarch floor loom and all 10 shafts.
Designing took a lot of time, but is was fun doing.

For a closer look, click on the photos……

Weaving this linen scarf  was a nice try out. Then I did some shibori dyeing.
To be honest I didn’t like the result at all. What a waste, I thought.
However, I did some ironing. Maybe it changed for the better, but it didn’t. The only part I did like were the fringes!
Then I draped it around my neck, looked in the mirror and to my surprise it didn’t look too bad.
Now I wear it. Nice on my bluish clothes, not nice  in the drawer.

Attending  a workshop about colours, given by Marian Stubenitsky, we had to weave our samples.
Using Fiberworks to design the pattern, I was surprised by this one.
It shows a 3D effect ……
To be honest, it made my day!



I joined  a workshop  ‘double weave’  through the internet, given by Paul O’Connor.
However I miscalculated my warp and made this scarf of the leftover.
The warp colours were purple and green.
The weft colours and the length of the blocks were variated.
The strands were given an extra thread, using the same colour rhythm as the weft.