two columns or pillars, but the sample lies flat.
Staring at the picture a bit longer, I noticed the floats
seem to be at the bottom of the small quadrangles and rectangles….

3 Responses to “optical illusions / blue and red hues”

  • Ann Littlewood:

    That is just stunning, Nelly. What are you going to do with it? It would look lovely as a cushion cover, I think, if the size is suitable.
    Best wishes
    Ann in Penistone, South Yorkshire.

    • Nelly:

      Ann, during weaving, nothing happened. I took it off the loom when finished and took a photo. The photo showed the illusion. I asked my tutor to take a look and she said: ‘yes, you have to look at it from a distance’. I took some tape and pasted it to the wall. It is so amazing.
      I will go on with this technique. In September we will come together again and share our weaving.
      Next Saturday begins my next workshop, so for now I take a pause with optical illusions.
      I am glad you like to see this illusions too.
      Bye for now…

  • Marja:

    Oh, dit is wel héél bijzonder geworden! Mooi!

    Groetjes, Marja