I needed 8 colours and had to put them in line  harmoniously. It took a lot of time.
I changed, and changed, but finally it looked good.

To be sure I made blends  of two colours.

Time to make the warp. I lined the colours the way I needed them.
The threads went over the table……..

…through the reed of my warping wheel to arrange them as parallel as possible…..
then to my warping mill. I used my warping  paddle for the second time.

432 threads………

Making the cross went fine.

Bundles of 10, easy counting…..

Tadah…..ready for the loom

2 Responses to “making a colour design”

  • S. Proos:

    Mag ik vragen wat voor merk/type scheringmolen u heeft?

    • Nelly:

      Tuurlijk, alleen ik weet het niet. Ooit kreeg ik hem mee, toen ik bij iemand een tafelgetouw ophaalde.
      Ik heb nog even gekeken of er ergens iets opstond, maar nee.