‘Granny, will you knitt socks for me???’ Surprised I answered:”Do you really mean that?”
And yes he was serious.

“Will you wear them?”

Together we went to the shop, so he could choose his own colour.
Being 4 years old he could only see what was on the lowest shelf.
He took the yarn and said: “Oh no, I don’t like this one.”
It was dark!
Now it was time to lift him and yes he saw the yarn with green….his favourite colour.
(I knew he would like it, the moment I put my eyes on it.)

Time to get started.

I knitted and  measured and kintted and measured……

They are perfect!

On his socks he went upstairs to show me something.
‘Oeh, they tickle,”he said.  So we decided to take them off.
“I think my feet need to adjust to them.” 🙂

The next day a photo showed him, walking in the garden on his socks.
He even wears them inside out.
Job done!

3 Responses to “little feet…”

  • Dawn:

    O wat lief….! Leuk geschreven, Nelly.

    (Zou je me willen mailen? Ben je e-mails kwijt. PC was op sterven na dood).

  • Edith:

    How lovely to have a grandchild who appreciates grandma’s knitting skills! They are beautiful socks on such perfect toes! 🙂 Lovely blog!