My second top-down sweater. I chose a raglan sleeve and a v-neck.
I had to adjust a little, but knitting from the top that’s easy.
There is still some leftover yarn. I’m knitting a bag now.

I can wear it both sides!

The yarn is homespun

However when I wore the sweater the roll-collar flattened at the front and that irritated me!
It felt like a bib. I decided to undo the knitting and choose for the V-neck band.
From the leftover yarn I knitted a circle shawl.

frontV-neckOn the photo it looks a little strange, but it really is a big improvement (for me).

2 Responses to “winter”

  • Alexandra:

    Wat ben ik lang niet meer op je blog geweest! Wat een mooie trui en vest heb je gemaakt! Hoeveel wol heb je in totaal gesponnen voor de trui?
    Groetjes en tot de 4e denk ik?!

  • Ria:

    Mooi geworden deze trui.