My Rose is very vulnerable. The timber can easily be damaged.
When you have to lift it for a long time, you get the feeling your arm is growing for at least one meter 😉
My friend Greet (together with her husband) designed a pattern to make a cover for her Rose.
When I saw her walking with her spinning wheel on top of a trolley and me sighing and sweating, carrying mine for a ten minute walk, it was easy to decide…….

She lended me her pattern! HURRAH! The sewing etc. etc.took approximately a fortnight, but now I can walk for miles with my spinning wheel save and sound’.

3 Responses to “Spinning wheel cover…..”

  • Susan Cossette:

    Hi Greet, i have a Majacraft Rose and saw that you made a bag for yours. Do you sell the pattern?
    Thank you,Susan

  • I love your cover design. I have a Schacht Matchless and would love to see if your pattern works with it.
    I would love a pattern.