…this is Japie our cat! My granddaughter Zara Lynn was and still is his greatest fan. She loves him. So I thought it would be nice to make her a sweater picturing Japie. Hurrah I found a knitting  pattern.

Japie close-upJapie











Finished, she was happy with her new sweater…but…after sometime (she was already 4 years of age) she said “Japie has no eyes”. Of course she was right. As an adult I like the silhouette, but a 4 year old…..
When she stayed with us, I asked her advice. I cut the eyes and Zara added some other ideas :-).
The problem was, I didn’t have yellow buttons and the shops were closed because of Covid-Lockdown.
In my stash I found mixed grey buttons and I used these. His nose is a piece of felt. His mouth and whiskers were embroidered.

Zara haar bijdragegrijze ogen













But it didn’t feel good those grey eyes, it wasn’t him. Think. think, think…and then I knew….and gave  it a try……
oog JapieNow the sweater is finished, it took some time, but owner and knitter are both happy with the result. 🙂
Japie trui klaar

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