My floor loom has 10 shafts.  Once I attended an ‘iridescent colours’ workshop given
by Marian Stubenitsky
I made a shawl with four colours on 4 shafts and one with 8 colours on 8 shafts.
It was exciting to do and when finished I knew then,
I wanted to weave one with 10 colours on my 10 shafts too.

The time has come now! HOWEVER…I am not in a hurry. I will take my time.
(from time to time I will show my progress on this page)

First I had to choose my colours and make a design.
Marian gave me a lot of help and advice.
I went to her studio with Tiny (who was a great help :-)),
because I wanted to see the colours before buying.
Here they are…wow…it looks so good.

Two colours for the weft. I don’t know which one I will choose.

Yesterday I made the warp. I used my warping paddle and after thinking very hard I managed again.
I did wind 600 threads.

Seeing all those colours makes me happy!!!!!!

My husband helped beaming. It is always a serious business.

and now it is time to thread…..

(The little sheep is not mine. Dirkje made her. ‘Divaatje’ was here on holiday. She travels from
family to family and all her adventures are told and showed in a thread on Ravelry in a group called ‘Dutch Wool Diva’. It is great fun…..

After sleying the reed it is always exciting to start weaving with the blue yarn (wool-cotton)
Will the pattern be as I hoped for….

And then…. after taking my time in weaving and enjoying the growing result…
it was time to cut the first shawl.
I didn’t want the threads to escape the reed dents, so I used masking tape to hold them in place…..
I wanted to make nice fringes. I divided ten colours/threads in 2 groups.
To each group I added one weft thread.
600 threads and that on two sides…. I decided it was time to buy me a fringe twister.
Wow….what  a relief.IRIS1nieuwAnd then it is time to wash, dry and iron…..I am very pleased with the result.
It looks good, it feels good.

IRIS1anieuwAnd…….the colours iridize beautiful……

Here it is.
Shawl number two! I used the purple yarn for the weft.
(mercerized cotton) I added the purple weft thread in the fringes too.Iris nieuw2

Iris nieuw3During weaving I noticed one shaft wasn’t connected to the treadle. Wow…I immediately adjusted it and assumed I detected the failure in an early stage, because all seamed all right.

foutjeHowever when I took  it of the loom I noticed the failure. Long floats!!
Repairing would be a mega job so I decided to pull out all wrong threads!!!!

draadjesWhat a pity. Now each colour bloc misses one colour.
So be it, the shawl itself remaines beautiful.

4 Responses to “New project: Iris 10”

  • Janita Keijzer:

    Hallo Nellie,
    Ik heb bij het vest een vraag gesteld maar misschien heb je dat over het hoofd gezien.
    En kan me ook voorstellen dat je niet dagelijks op dit blogg kijkt?
    Ben wel erg geintresseerd in het patroon hiervan. Zou jij me daar aan kunnen helpen?
    Hoor graag van je.
    Vriendelijke groet,
    Janita Keijzer

  • Kay Klepey:

    This is beautiful!! Is it possible to copy the draft? I am very interested in creating iridescence in my weaving..!!

    Did you use the blue cotton/wool or the purple (am I correct?) peele cotton in the weft?

    Thank you for sharing! You’ve inspired me!

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