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When finished my bobbin lace, I strenghtend it with hairspray, folded the result and attached it to cardboard. It makes me smile šŸ˜‰

two columns or pillars, but the sample lies flat.
Staring at the picture a bit longer, I noticed the floats
seem to be at the bottom of the small quadrangles and rectangles….

This time 2 colours!
The weft has very long floats and it wasn’t easy weaving.
This sample is really flat, but the hues and pattern are deceiving your eyes.
It seams to puff up!

I am attending a workshop called: ‘Optical Illusions’ given by Marian Stubenitsky
Do you see the 3D effect too? Click on photo to enlarge…it is so amazing.
Looking forward to next saturday for the second lesson.

AttendingĀ  a workshop about colours, given by Marian Stubenitsky, we had to weave our samples.
Using Fiberworks to design the pattern, I was surprised by this one.
It shows a 3D effect ……
To be honest, it made my day!