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…here is my cardigan without sleaves. Ann Budd’s book is an eye opener.
At first it felt like thinking upside down.
When I didn’t quite understand  how to continue, I visited her group on Raverlry and asked for help.

I had to finish the borders and it took me a long time to decide what colour.
Finally I choose brick-red and dyed my home spun yarn (I am not sure, but I think it was Bleu du Maine).

I made two hues, light and dark and used them both.
However when it was finished, I thought, what a pity I can’t wear it on both sides! There is no seam…
…but the edges weren’t that nice on the purl side.
After deep thinking I undid one armhole and crochetted the first row, then I started knitting.

During the Annual Spinning Day in 2013 all members got a small bag with tops.
Four different combinations of colours, called: summer-autumn-winter and spring.

I spun it in a special rhythm.
After each part of a season I added dark alpaca. I plied the single with grey cria alpaca

……and I bought this book:


It took some time, but here is Simon’s cardigan. First it was too small….
I undid and started again!
The hood is closed with a kitchener stitch. That looks so much better
It is always hard to catch the right colour on the photo, but the close-up below shows it very good!

Several minutes ago I finished Lucas his cardigan. The buttons are made from timber.
Need I say more…..









It took some time to find a nice blue coloured yarn  for Simon, but here it is.
It feels very soft. Now it is time to make a cardigan from the different parts 🙂 Next,  into the water and the ‘finished touch’ will be the buttons. Two-three days at the most and this one is finished too.



I wanted to knit ‘something’ for Lucas and Simon.
Lucas his favorite colour is green… so he told.
Well we did find some nice yarn for him. Cinque from Lana Grossa

The pattern is a design  from ‘Katia’ and I use needles number 6.
Lucas is 3 years old and a slender boy. This width will do.
For Simon we didn’t succeed yet. Next week we will visit another shop and hopefully we will find his favorite colour there. Fingers Crossed!

This cardigan was a joy to knit. I am very happy with the result. I lengthened the sleeves so I can hide my hands when they are cold. The yarn adds 90% alpaca, warm and soft.
The colour ‘petrol’ wasn’t easy to catch with the camera, but it shows allright.