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It took some time, but here they are….

Undone again! The yarn looks nice….



Time for knitting…..

Last Sunday I dyed these ‘future socks’ !




The big question now is….what will the socks look like!

It took some time…
I already wore them, nice and warm!

I knitted my own sockblank. I used needle nr. 6, 2 threads and 40 stitches.
A friend and member of my knitting and spinning group adviced me to dye this sockblank with a black band at one side…..
After washing the blank was undone again…..

…..and now I am busy knitting two identical socks, with my own dyed colour pattern.
My friend was right, the repetition of the colour black gives a very nice effect.

Several minutes ago I finished Lucas his cardigan. The buttons are made from timber.
Need I say more…..









It took some time to find a nice blue coloured yarn  for Simon, but here it is.
It feels very soft. Now it is time to make a cardigan from the different parts 🙂 Next,  into the water and the ‘finished touch’ will be the buttons. Two-three days at the most and this one is finished too.



Sometimes one needs a challenge. Below is mine…. toe socks.
Casting-off made me fight with the needles 😉
At the end I used a circular needle, what a relieve….no needle falling out that one stitch!

Putting them on…well you have to get used to it. Sometimes I can’t find all toes  😉

The new colours of the Dutch spinning group….
Every visitor of the annual spinning day was surprised with these tops…

The  weight of the carded nests is 54 gr.
I like the colour variation very much…next…spinning.

After finishing my husband’s sweater, there was still a reasonable amount of yarn left.
Enough to knit something, but some colour would be nice.
I decided to rainbow dye this leftover and used turquoise / golden yellow / bright red
and a touch of black.

Today was the last session. This workshop was hard work, but very rewarding.
The technique was developed and copywrited by my tutor Marian Stubenitsky.
It really is amazing …..
A challenge it was. Step by step the pattern showed.
It is hard to catch the iridescent effect by photo.
The weft colour is petrol.

If  you want to view all postings of this workshop, please click on the tag  ‘iridescent’ at the right…..

This shawl is the first result of my ‘iridescent colours’ workshop.
For this shawl I used four shafts, four colours.
The effect is the interaction of the colours and it varies with the angle you look at it.
This technique is developed and copywrited by Marian Stubenitsky


I have been very busy designing, winding  the warp and  dressing my loom.
The warp colours are: yellow, red, purple and green, 100 % mercerised cotton.

The weft is ‘lavender’, two threads together (40/2) 60 % cotton, 40 % wool

I am content with my treadling.
This is not a sample, but will end in a shawl. Still a fortnight before next class.

This morning I went to my workshop tutor Marian Stubenitsky.
She taught me how to use the warping paddle.
What a nice instrument. I needed 4 colours for my first ‘iridescent colours’ design. It went perfect.
To be honest there are a few mistakes, but I don’t mind. After all, it was the first time.

Yes…..I finished my 1 kilo merino tops. I wanted to make a thicker thread and I succeeded.
It has become a really bulky yarn. I named it  ‘Many Coloured’ .
It was Navaho / Navajo plyed and the total length is 1017 m.
Next step: knitting!

Spinning and knitting at the Farm and Country Fair and intending to buy nothing at all…
unfortunately my husband insisted on giving me …… a  huuuuuuge present 🙂
Enough for a cardigan…1 kilo……..