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The pattern of this ‘Mandala’ is a table cover.
I found it in an old crochet magazine that belonged to my mother in law.
The pattern was easy to follow, but when finished it was a hell of a job to attach it to the ring.
When finished I gave a sigh of relieve and decided to never crochet it again….however….it hangs very nice in front of the window, so it was worth making, but a second one…..I don’t think so.


The design with the different brown hues and white, is choosen by intuition.
It’s a plain weave. I like shawls to complete my outfit.
This one is for spring.

My 10 colour shawl is finished….
IRIS1bnieuwWant to know more…. click

Today was the last session. This workshop was hard work, but very rewarding.
The technique was developed and copywrited by my tutor Marian Stubenitsky.
It really is amazing …..
A challenge it was. Step by step the pattern showed.
It is hard to catch the iridescent effect by photo.
The weft colour is petrol.

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This morning I went to my workshop tutor Marian Stubenitsky.
She taught me how to use the warping paddle.
What a nice instrument. I needed 4 colours for my first ‘iridescent colours’ design. It went perfect.
To be honest there are a few mistakes, but I don’t mind. After all, it was the first time.

Linda Wilson was our tutor in this ‘Blending Drafts’ workshop.
Two threading drafts were combined into one threading draft.
Eight shafts were needed and I wove it on  my new ‘used’ table loom.

I chose to weave  the combination  – Monk’s Belt / Point Twill –

( cotton, 8 threads per cm. )