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It took some time to find a nice blue coloured yarn  for Simon, but here it is.
It feels very soft. Now it is time to make a cardigan from the different parts 🙂 Next,  into the water and the ‘finished touch’ will be the buttons. Two-three days at the most and this one is finished too.



It wasn’t a huge job….
Talking and knitting it was soon finished…..the yarn wasn’t even half way!
Because I’m not sleeping very well when I’m not in my own bed, I started a second one during the night.
It is twice the length and no yarn is left! I forgot to make a picture, sorry!

My spinning of the package….Annual Spinning Day 2011
Today the yarn is going with me to Elspeet for the Annual Spinning Day 2012!
I choose to knit the yarn….in the end a huge blanket will be the result
of our shared croched or knitting….

I wanted to knit ‘something’ for Lucas and Simon.
Lucas his favorite colour is green… so he told.
Well we did find some nice yarn for him. Cinque from Lana Grossa

The pattern is a design  from ‘Katia’ and I use needles number 6.
Lucas is 3 years old and a slender boy. This width will do.
For Simon we didn’t succeed yet. Next week we will visit another shop and hopefully we will find his favorite colour there. Fingers Crossed!

Knitting was a joy. No thinking was needed…just knit….
Winter may come now!

Sometimes one needs a challenge. Below is mine…. toe socks.
Casting-off made me fight with the needles 😉
At the end I used a circular needle, what a relieve….no needle falling out that one stitch!

Putting them on…well you have to get used to it. Sometimes I can’t find all toes  😉

After finishing my husband’s sweater, there was still a reasonable amount of yarn left.
Enough to knit something, but some colour would be nice.
I decided to rainbow dye this leftover and used turquoise / golden yellow / bright red
and a touch of black.

Tadah….!!!! I used a ‘Drops Design’ model

the neckpiece…..

I unravelled my husband’s sweater. The colour of the yarn was whitish and we decided to darken it.  Choosing the colour wasn’t easy, but finally purple it would be.
I added some  black to the dye bath to soften the purple a little and the dyeing process was started.
However I didn’t give the water (with added black dye) a proper stir  and the final result was two skeins with black parts. That didn’t make me happy 🙁

How would it show? I knitted a sample and well it wasn’t that bad.So now I had to dye all other skeins with some black too. It was a huge job.  First I stamped
the black dye into the yarn, then wrapped each skein in cling film and put it on steam.
Fingers crossed that I did the right thing….
Next step is to find me a nice knitting pattern

Yes, I finished Janneke’s shawl.

Shopping, I saw these wonderful colours! I added the package of 4 balls to my shopping trolley. But then I thought of my stash. No, no, no… you are not going to buy it. I laid them back.
I decided: next time when they are still there, then you have to take them with you. It will be a sign and it has to be.
However, approaching  the pay desk I thought, but I can use it for weaving too. I ran back…….

Coming home with my treasure my youngest daughter was so enthusiastic, that I couldn’t resist.
I am knitting for her, because she is addicted to shawls.

Next time shopping  I selected another 4 of these balls and 2 packages with other colours for my daughter.
She will drown in her shawls 🙂

Puh…finally on my way with the right pattern for my own spun yarn. A blend of Alpaca and Jacob Humbug.
All seems to go well now and in time it will be a finished sweater.
Here you can find the pattern I use….garnstudio


Years ago I knitted this sweater for my husband.
Now it doesn’t fit as it should! It is too wide and it is slightly felted.
So work to be done….

This third week I started to spin again, but Tuesday was my last day. My four year old friend came to stay with us and I knew my time would be scarce. So I left  the team.
Nevertheless I did some Navajo plying and knitted a small sample