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When I am attending a workshop, I like to use my weaving.
Log Cabin…….

Woven cloth


Shadow weave…..

shadow result


Linda Wilson gave an ‘optical weaving’ workshop. I do like that effect and joined with pleasure.
The pattern does “jump out”, but that really is an illusion.
First I want to show you the colours I choose. It is 8/2 cotton.
It was important, they were contrasting ones. The photo was changed into black and white,
that was a great help!
From each photo the top cones were used for the warp. The weft was varied!

During weaving I experienced, ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ showed little difference. See for yourself.
A pity!

Winter (2)Squirrel and Fox+T en TSummer

Some details…..

Nummer 5
Nummer 4 Nummer 3 Winter
Nummer 2 Autumn Summer

Woven cloth