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I wanted to knit a monkey for Thijmen.
It’s name now is ‘granny’ 🙂

Apie in boom

Always naughty!

Kleine aap in gordijn

Then I received different kind of tops from our Spinning group. What a nice present.


I mixed the tops and started spinning..

IMG_7227…and now…time for knitting !
I added Wensleydale yarn and thus used two threads.

twee vrienden

I enjoyed monkey hanging in the curtain….
…there was enough yarn for two.

gordijn apen

They keep me smiling 🙂

Well it took some time but here it is……the winter outfit for little Monkie !
It was knitted with sock yarn.
The coat was white, but after finishing, dyed under supervision of Lucas
(with the voice of ‘MonTie’  :-))

The hood is knitted as the heel of a sock and it fits perfectly.
Socks and mittens  are knitted as hands and feet of the original ‘Jacob’ pattern,
but 1 needle size bigger.

After we gave the book ‘Monkie’ to Lucas, I knew I wanted to knit a little one for him.
He loves cuddly toys very much.
I knitted, I sewed and made the bed from a shoe box to stand next to his bed, when he goes to sleep.











 Forever friends…..

I sewed  nice pants for my ‘holiday project’….. Monkie.
The pattern was the same as the first two cuddle apes I knitted,
only this time I used a different yarn.
Please take a look at the designer’s website,  Annita Wilschut

Using this hairy yarn was a real challenge. When I lost a stitch I hardly could find it.
Picking up the stitches to knit the ears???…. well I don’t know how,  but I managed!

My daughter immediately recognized the favorite book of her youth  and wanted him!
I made Monkie for her birthday.

Today he left my house. His place on my loom is empty….. 🙁

two friends
2 friends


It was great fun knitting these 2  little fellows.
Their names ??? Simon and Lucas.
Please  take a look at the  website  from the designer and enjoy.