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I am a little late with updating my website. It is all about winter….nevertheless here they are….

Knitting was a joy. No thinking was needed…just knit….
Winter may come now!

Today was the last session. This workshop was hard work, but very rewarding.
The technique was developed and copywrited by my tutor Marian Stubenitsky.
It really is amazing …..
A challenge it was. Step by step the pattern showed.
It is hard to catch the iridescent effect by photo.
The weft colour is petrol.

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Yes, I finished Janneke’s shawl.

This yarn (?) was new to me. The stitches are loops.
I put 8 loops on needle size 7 and started to  knitt.
The result is a curved shape. The yarn has little silver dots too, it is really twinkling.
It was finished in one evening, way to quick.


I joined  a workshop  ‘double weave’  through the internet, given by Paul O’Connor.
However I miscalculated my warp and made this scarf of the leftover.
The warp colours were purple and green.
The weft colours and the length of the blocks were variated.
The strands were given an extra thread, using the same colour rhythm as the weft.