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This second week I did spin, but not that much, only one full bobbin.
I tried to make an evenly, thicker thread. To make it more easy the tops were divided in 8 thinner lengths.That went well. I will do some Navajo plying and some knitting and ……keep my fingers crossed.

In the meantime I went on  blending  Ryeland fleece / cria alpaca / kid mohair / angora. The total weight is +/-  40 grams.


The yarn on the bobbin and the yarn at the top ‘left’ were already spun.
I plyed with mercerized cotton.

While spinning,  I will be  busy with carding  my Ryeland fleece too…..
…..I will  blend it with kid mohair, angora and cria alpaca
It’s a project so long waiting on my ‘to-do’  list

I joined the Tour de Fleece spin-along on Ravelry today….27 june.
When the real  ‘Tour the France’ starts, we are solidary…….
First I will go on spinning my blend of alpaca / hampshire down.
The hampshire down is ‘sun’  dyed with crushed,  green walnuts.